Yoga/Exercise Timetable


6.15pm – Easy Flow with Melissa


6pm – Renew and Restore with Melissa


10.30am – Gentle Exercise with Melissa


7.15am – Easy Flow with Melissa

 Gentle Exercise

This class is perfect for those who may be a little more physically challenged, a little more mature or recovering from injury.   It is  a chair based class that is suitable for all

Renew and Restore Group Exercise

This class is for those who are recovering from injury or are looking to progress their physical capabilities under the guidance of a physiotherapist.  Prior to commencing this class an Initial Physio Consultation must occur as this class tailors the class to your needs

Easy Flow

This class is perfect for beginners or those who are after a smooth simple flow. It combines breath with movement and a flow to encourage flexibility, stability, balance and strength.