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Book a Class

                        GENTLE EXERCISE CLASS

Perfect for those who may feel like taking things a bit easier given their current physical capability,  managing a chronic condition, maybe a little more physically challenged, a little more mature or recovering from injury. It combines flexibility and mobility exercises as well as balance and a little core strength.  Our focus is on optimising function

                                  EASY FLOW

 Perfect for yogis at any level who feel like a smooth, simple flow practice. It combines breath with movement and a flow to encourage flexibility, stability, balance and strength.


The focus during this 6 week course is to lay the foundation behind the principles of yoga, introduce key poses and help you gain greater body awareness and how you can modify these poses to suit you and any physical challenges you may currently have. It is all about improving your health and well-being, and creating a sustainable practice you enjoy.   As it is run by a physiotherapist you will been shown modifications and adjustments to accommodate any physical challenges you may have.